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News | Museums and tours | 9/11/2017
Roma Pass, the sightseeing pass for Rome

Roma Pass, the sightseeing pass for Rome

With Roma Pass, the sightseeing pass for Rome, your holiday will be more perfect thanks to the many services included. There are two types of sightseeing pass: just choose the one most suitable for your needs. The Roma Pass will enrich your stay at our Hotel Area, with free admission to and money off a good number of exhibitions and events.

Rome is also known as the Eternal City, thanks to its unique nature and glorious past that is bursting with history and art. Its fascinating old city centre is enclosed by the Aurelian and Janiculum walls, which host the most beautiful places and the finest architecture just waiting for you to discover.

Piazza San Pietro

Roma Pass, the sightseeing pass for Rome…halved!

Depending on the number of days you are staying in Rome, you can choose to buy a 48-hour or a 3-day card.

The 48-hour Roma Pass includes:

  • 1 free admission to a museum
  • Free public transport (underground, bus, tram)
  • Discount for museums, exhibitions, events and tourism services
  • Map of Rome and Guide to affiliated sites/museums
  • Lasts 48 hours starting from the first validation
  • Price: €28.00

The 3-day Roma Pass includes:

    • 2 free admissions to 2 museums
    • Free public transport (underground, bus, tram)
    • Discount for museums, exhibitions, events and tourism services
    • Map of Rome and Guide to affiliated sites/museums
    • Lasts 3 days starting from the first validation
    • Price: €38.50

Tarstevere di notte

Rome’s sightseeing pass in detail

      • Admission to the 2 museums and/or archaeological sites (included in the 3-day pass) is free, but entries have to be consecutive, while for the 48-hour card you only have one admission included. You are entitled to a free tour of the exhibition if provided at the museum you have chosen
      • You will be entitled to reduced-price admission to the next museums and archaeological sites you decide to visit.
      • Discounts for museums, exhibitions and agreed services
      • Direct access to check points (without having to go to the ticket office) for the Colosseum and Castel Sant’Angelo.
      • The pass is for your personal use and is non-transferable. You need to fill it in with your personal details and show it at each check point together with a valid ID document. You need to fill in your name and surname on the back of the pass!
      • The pass becomes valid the first time you enter a museum/archaeological site or the first time you go on public transport, and lasts until midnight on the third day for the 3-day Roma Pass, while the 48-hour Roma Pass lasts 48 hours starting from the first validation

Castel Sant Angelo Roma

Transport included and not included in the Rome sightseeing pass

      • Public transport provided by Atac (buses, trams, Underground lines A, B, B1 and C) and the Rome-Lido, Rome Flamino Piazza del Popolo-Viterbo and Rome-Giardinetti regional trains are free.
      • Special Atac Tpl links are not included, and neither are regional Trenitalia FR trains, special links for Cotral Rome Tiburtina/Termini-Fiumicino Airport, the Trenitalia “No stop” Rome Termini-Fiumicino Airport (Leonardo Express) and all other links from and to Fiumicino and Ciampino Airports

Information on the Rome sightseeing pass

Don’t forget that Monday is museum closing day, with the exception of the Colosseum, Trajan’s Market, the Capitoline Museums, the Ara Pacis Museum and the Baths of Caracalla. Museums usually stay closed on 25th December, 1st January and 1st May, but always check the museum’s official website for further information.

Admission is always free at the following museums, even without the pass: The Accademia di San Luca, the Carlo Bilotti Museum in the Villa Borghese gardens, the Museum of the Roman Republic and Garibaldi Remembrance, the Museum of the Walls, the Casal de’ Pazzi Museum, the Giovanni Barracco Museum of Ancient Sculpture, the Napoleonic Museum, the Pietro Canonica Museum in the Villa Borghese gardens and the Villa di Massenzio.

Colosseo, Roma

Not got much time to visit the Eternal City? Don’t despair! We’ve thought up a solution for this too, with a tour of Rome in a weekend! And if the weather’s bad, here are just a few ideas to inspire your holiday in Rome if it’s raining: 10 things not to miss. Are you interested in the Rome sightseeing pass? Click here to find out about our offer that includes the Roma Pass!

For more information, go to www.romapass.it