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The Region

Must-see attractions around Rome

The Region

Must-see attractions around Rome

Hotel Area’s location is strategic to reach the most picturesque tourist destinations in Lazio, villages that have maintained their charm over the centuries, cities that host archaeological sites, destinations recommended to travellers who want to discover the  treasures located outside the capital.

Our tips are suitable for those who plan to stay in Rome for a few days and want to take the opportunity to explore the most beautiful places in the region in terms of landscape and archaeology. Plan your vacation at the Hotel Area. Our staff will offer customized itineraries according to your requirements.

Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica is located in the south-west of Ostia, separated from the rest of the city by the Tiber River to the Northwest and the Via del Mare to the South.

The archaeological area of ​​Ostia Antica, between viale dei Romagnoli, via di Tor Boacciana and the Tiber River, dates back to the seventh century BC and here we can admire the remains of part of the original city, brought to light during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Here we can also find ruins of the Roman Empire’s houses.

How to reach the excavations of Ostia Antica from the Hotel Area:

Take the metro line B from  Marconi station and get off at Pyramid station; from there the train line Rome-Lido departs and stops at Ostia Antica; excavations are about 5 minutes walking from the station.

Excavations of Ostia Antica
Viale Dei Romagnoli 717
00119, Ostia Antica (Rome)

Villa Adriana

The origins of Villa Adriana date back to the period between 118 and 138 AD, when it was built by Emperor Hadrian (Publius Aelius Hadrianus). The Villa was originally spread out over an area of ​​at least 120 hectares, on a tufa plateau between two moats, the Ferrata water to the East and the Risicoli or Rocca Bruna to the West.

To achieve this royal residence, Emperor Hadrian decided to move his residence outside the capital, choosing a terrain which was green and rich in water, near Tibur (Tivoli in Italian), 28 km from Rome.  Hadrian’s Villa has also been a world heritage protected by Unesco since 1999.

How to reach Villa Adriana from the Hotel Area:

Take the metro B line from Marconi station and get off at Ponte Mammolo, then take the Co.Tral bus in the direction of Via Prenestina, the bus stop is about 300 metres from the site; alternatively take the bus Co.Tral towards Via Tiburtina, the stop is about 1 km from the site; the bus Co.Tral direction Tivoli/autostrada A24 stops about 1 km from the site; You can also visit Tivoli by train from Termini railway station: from Tivoli station catch a CAT line number 4 bus, which stops about 300 metres from Hadrian’s Villa.

Castel Gandolfo

Castel Gandolfo is part of the Castelli Romani, and is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, thanks to the great historical and artistical interest, its villas and the landscape, over the Albano’s Lake.
Castel Gandolfo is best known for being the Pope’s summer residence and for its numerous villas of the seventeenth century. Along the road, at the base of the climb of Via Massimo d’Azeglio you will notice the imposing Palazzo Del Drago, now privately owned and home of the local bank Credito Cooperativo dei Castelli Romani. On the right hand you can see the old Palazzolo Aqueduct. This aqueduct provides water to several fountains in the town and the main noble residences (including the palazzo of the Pope), and was once mainly used to water the horses.

How to reach Castel Gandolfo from the Hotel Area:

Castel Gandolfo is reachable by Co.Tral bus via the extra-urban lines that leave from the Anagnina terminal (that is reachable by Metro A Line). For further details please check the website: http://www.cotralspa.it/.