Eco friendly at heart

Our philosophy is respect for nature

We can all contribute to making the world a more sustainable place and we at the Garden Area Hotel want to do our part with your support!

All Italica Group Hotels are committed to maximising resource efficiency and reducing the use of paper, plastic, water and energy, as well as promoting recycling. Italica Hotels & Resorts is making a comprehensive effort to embrace digitisation in order to reduce paper waste. To achieve this, we offer digital check-in and QR code-based information and menus.

Furthermore, we kindly ask our guests to join the up2you programme in order to waive the daily tidying up of rooms: we neutralise CO₂ by supporting projects with international certifications.

We also respect nature and the environment by choosing to include 0-km products in our catering services.

We are certain that, during your stay at the Hotel Area Garden, you too will be happy to support our green spirit!

Live the
social life

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